Thursday, 15 May 2008

Porsche Mind Control

Driving from Kingswinford to Shrewsbury

I drove a Porsche Boxter today, for only the second one. I shredded a tyre on the first one when I clipped the curb while trying to overtake a battered old van that ought not to have been allowed to impede the progress of such a machine.

I took another chance today – overtaking a bus without checking as thoroughly as usual what was coming the other way. I got away with it this time, there was nothing oncoming with any speed.

I’m normally a safe driver – ten years in the job and only one significant accident. But there is something about the animalistic howl of the Porsche engine that seems to reach into my brain and implant alien thoughts there –

‘You have to get through that gap. This isn’t about the Highway Code, this is about Freedom!’

Although if it had all gone wrong I wouldn’t have explained it that way on the insurance form.

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